Schools of Ministry

By Paul Keith Davis 

Truth is often hidden in plain view. For centuries archeologists meticulously scrutinized the ancient writings and hieroglyphics encrypted on Egyptian artifacts. Only with the discovery of the Rosetta Stone was a dictionary of ancient language furnished to give meaning to the mysteries. 

There are many layers of Scriptural Truth. At best we understood them only partially. The words are plainly before us, but their full meaning has been hidden. 

For hundreds of years Jewish followers contemplated the prophetic scriptures pointing to their messiah and the restoration of Israel. None, however, understood their application. The Lord\'s crucifixion, burial and resurrection was a mystery hidden in plain view. The Scripture recorded the message, but only in its fulfillment did absolute understanding develop. 

Now, great end-time mysteries foreseen by Daniel and John the beloved are being disclosed and imparted. (Daniel 12; Revelations 10) A righteous generation anointed with revelatory insight will probe deep into the heart of God where they are hidden. 

Schools of ministry to prepare and equip the Body of Christ for this notable destiny are emerging with an amplified sense of responsibility.


Unlocking Mysteries 

Paul Keith Davis

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